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Black Friday Cleaning Deals in 2023 for People Who Hate Chores

11/20/23 by Tineco Lifestyle Contributor


For some of us who dread doing chores or just don’t like the hassle of cleaning our home all the time, we need to invest in reliable cleaning supplies and home cleaning devices that will make the work easier.


Get reliable cleaning gadgets that will expertly clean specific parts of the house, hard to reach areas, and stubborn stains and messes. As Black Friday is happening soon, this is the perfect time to get massive discounts on cleaning essentials. And if you hate cleaning, but you love saving money, this article is for you.



When is Black Friday Sale happening?


Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is November 24, 2023. Once Thanksgiving concludes, the focus shifts to Christmas. Marking the traditional start of the holiday shopping season, Black Friday offers the best deals for shoppers worldwide. Retailers, aware of the need for gift purchases, provide special discounts on popular products. It's the ideal opportunity to acquire big-ticket items at reduced prices!



see Tineco's exclusive black friday picks


Black Friday cleaning deals you shouldn’t miss


Just in time for the Black Friday sale, you can score the cleaning gadgets you need with massive discounts from various brands including Tineco! Enjoy exclusive Black Friday deals and discounts starting from November 17 to November 27, 2023.


Tineco, a leading brand in home cleaning devices and smart appliances, is dedicated to providing innovative and intelligent technology to households worldwide. We are on a mission to make your life easier, allowing you to enjoy living without worries about mundane household chores.


Here are some of the best products from our brand that you can grab this Black Friday Sale:


Floor washer - TINECO FLOOR ONE S7 PRO


TINECO FLOOR ONE S7 Pro is our latest addition to our best-selling and viral floor washer lineup. Elevating floor cleaning to a new level, this model surpasses its predecessors. It's a wet and dry vacuum that simplifies floor cleaning, eliminating the guesswork.


This self-propelled floor washer is ideal for hardwood floors. It features a soft roller brush that cleans using water from its clean water tank, then collects the dirty liquid in its dirty water tank, and powered by a 450 rpm motor scrub.


If you're someone who always finds themselves short on time for thorough floor cleaning, this floor washer is a game-changer. It's user-friendly for beginners, whether you're new to smart cleaning devices or cleaning in general. With its LCD screen, robust features, and intuitive functionalities, even novices will find this device easy to use.


Check out the additional features you can find with the TINECO FLOOR ONE S7 Pro:

        Tineco MHCBS™ Technology: Proprietary cleaning technology that ensures your floors are cleaned with fresh water from the start of the cleaning process, through scrubbing, and up to the collection of dirty water, thereby maintaining a constant supply of clean water throughout the cleaning process.

        Tineco  iLoop™ Smart Sensor: Our proprietary technology detects dirt levels to optimize the suction power and water flow of this floor washer, adjusting according to the debris and maximizing the device's run time.

        SmoothPower: A bi-directional self-propulsion system that makes cleaning effortless. Whether you’re pushing forward or pulling back, it intelligently detects the movement of the rear wheels for low-effort cleaning.

        Four Operating Modes: This floor washer offers four operating modes - Auto, Ultra, Suction, and Max - allowing you to clean your floors in any scenario.

        Centrifugal Air Drying: The ultimate solution for effectively removing water residue from your brush after finishing your cleaning process, maintaining a hygienic and odorless living environment.

        Convenient Storage: Features a minimalist docking station where your floor washer can self-clean and charge, eliminating the need to drill holes in your wall.



tineco floor one s7 pro smart wet dry vacuum cleaner



Cordless stick vacuum cleaners - TINECO PURE ONE S15 Essentials


Cordless stick vacuums have become essential in maintaining clean and tidy homes. The days of relying solely on corded vacuums are fading, as cordless options rise in popularity due to their ease of use, portability, and space-saving features. They compete effectively with corded vacuums in suction power, affordability, and other functionalities.


Introducing the TINECO PURE ONE S15 Essentials, a cordless stick vacuum that covers all the basics—and more—for your vacuuming needs! This versatile device is ideal for quick cleanups and daily vacuuming tasks.


The Pure One S15 Essentials functions both as a stick and a handheld vacuum. It's lightweight and equipped with Tineco’s proprietary technologies, ensuring vacuuming is quick and effortless.


Check out the additional features of Tineco Pure One S15 Essentials:

        Tineco  iLoop™ Smart Sensor: Our proprietary technology detects dirt levels to optimize the suction power of the vacuum according to the debris, maximizing your vacuum’s run time.

        PureCyclone Tech: This technology separates air and dust to prevent clogging in your vacuum, ensuring strong suction throughout your cleaning process.

        Five-stage Filtration System: The Pure One S15 Essentials filters out 99.9% of airborne allergens with its five-stage filtration system, providing a cleaner, fresher home environment.

        ZeroTangle™ Brush: Say goodbye to clogs and tangled hair in the roller brush with this V-shaped proprietary Tineco brush.

        Plug-and-Play Base Stand: This vacuum comes with a base stand charging dock that requires no installation, making it a space-saving solution for many homeowners.


pure one s15 essentials



Carpet Cleaners - TINECO CARPET ONE


Many households have carpeted floors, which can be challenging to clean. Fortunately, specialized carpet cleaners are now available for washing and spot-cleaning carpeted flooring.


The Tineco Carpet One series is our top-of-the-line carpet cleaner, featuring advanced technology to help revitalize your carpets. This carpet cleaner leaves less wastewater residue, ensuring your carpets look and feel like new after cleaning.


Check out the additional features of Tineco Carpet One:

        Powerful Suction & HeatedWash™: Utilizing 130AW suction and 104°F hot water, this carpet cleaner effectively eliminates stains and revitalizes your carpet.

        PowerDry: Experience faster drying with PowerDry technology. Featuring a PTC heater and 167°F hot breeze, it leaves only 0.4g of water residue after 14 minutes of steam cleaning, outperforming competitors.

        Tineco  iLoop™ Smart Sensor: This proprietary sensor adjusts suction power and water flow based on the mess, extending the battery runtime of your carpet cleaner.

        DrynessMeter: This feature measures the carpet's dampness in real-time, displaying the dryness level on the screen.

        App Connectivity: Connect your carpet cleaner to the Tineco app for enhanced functionality and control.



Tineco Carpet One Pro carpet cleaner



Where to Find the Best Black Friday Deals?


To get the best Black Friday deals, some research is necessary, as different brands offer varying sale promotions. It's a good idea to check out your favorite brands before Black Friday.


You don't even need a computer to buy your favorite products on sale. Consumers made 55% of their purchases on Thanksgiving 2022 via their smartphone. This year, we expect even more customers to take advantage of the upcoming sale.


If you are shopping on your computer, consider using a deal-hunting browser extension to spot deals for you. Some of the most popular browser extensions to find deals and discounts for you, such as Honey, SlickDeals, and Keepa.

You can find Tineco products online through our website and Amazon, as well as at several retailers, including:


        Best Buy


        Home Depot



Tineco is your go-to cleaning buddy, especially if you dislike chores or find cleaning a hassle. Save energy and time with our reliable smart cleaning devices, designed for various parts of your home, hard-to-reach areas, and stubborn messes.


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