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The event has officially ended. Keep an eye out for upcoming events!

Clean Hands, Clean Vacuum

Dirty hands &
Flying dust
Thorough Vacuum Cleaning
Every Time:
from brush, tube to dustbin.

Hair Wrapping? No Way!

Tineco exclusive patented design

60 Days, Empty Once

Empty Dust Catch
Every Single Time
Up to 60 Days Empty Once

Consistently Powerful Suction

Weakening Suction
Consistently Powerful Suction

About Trade-In Value

The Trade-in value you can receive for Tineco PURE ONE STATION FurFree will
vary based on the price of your old vacuum cleaner.
If old Vacuum Cleaner ≤ $200 :
trade-in Value is
If old Vacuum Cleaner > $200 :
trade-in Value is
Already started a trade-up?
Check its status >

4 Simple Steps for Trade-Up

Complete and
submit the form
Complete and submit the form to apply for the Trade-Up program.
Form under
Your form will be reviewed by our team.
code release
Once the review is complete, you will receive a unique code corresponding to the trade-in value of the old machine.
If you trade in more than one machine, you will receive the same number of codes based on the quantity of valid machines traded in.
Redeem at Tineco official store
Redeem your unique code at Tineco official store to unlock a trade-up exclusive offer for PURE ONE STATION FurFree.
Trade Up to PURE ONE STATION FurFree and
EARN Double Points
Earn Double Points when using trade-up credit to purchase the PURE ONE STATION FurFree.
Join Tineco Rewards
Chance to win free products, coupons and more. Learn more.

Questions you may have

1. The trade-up event is valid from March 12 to April 12, 2024, and the trade-in code can be used until April 22, 2024. It is important to redeem the code within this period. Customers are explicitly prohibited from trading in their machines for cash.
2. Please allow 2 to 5 working days for the verification of information and issuance of codes.
3. To receive Trade-Up Updates, click here for the latest information, and we'll also email you about the progress of your Trade-Up.
4. We are committed to retaining your Personal Information only for the duration necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in our Privacy Policy.
5. Terms and conditions apply. Please click here to learn more.
Privacy Protection Statement
We, TEK (HONG KONG) SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “our” or “Tineco”) fully understand the importance to protect your privacy and are committed to safeguard your privacy. To fully safeguard your data subject rights, we will use this Privacy Protection Statement (hereinafter referred to as “Statement”) to fully disclose and keep you informed of the categories, purposes, and protection of your personal data.
Please read this Statement carefully before you submit your information. In particular, those terms in bold require your special attention and meticulous reading. Once you click to submit your data, you will be deemed as giving consent to provide your data to us and authorize us processing your data as per this Statement.
This Statement is a supplementary to the TINECO Privacy Policy. Any issue not set out in this Statement will be dealt with according to the Privacy Policy. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the Statement and Privacy Policy, this Statement shall prevail.
1. Categories and usage of your personal data that we may collect
In order to provide you with more satisfactory and suitable services, we may collect some of your data in this Program as described in below table. Processing this data is necessary to conclude a contract or fulfill the relevant provisions as promised pursuant to our existing contractual arrangements. We ensure you that such data will not be used for any purposes other than those disclosed to you in this Statement or otherwise permitted by the applicable laws and regulations.
Categories of data Purposes/scenarios for data use
Name We collect such data in order to notify the status of your trade-up request nd communicate with you directly
E-Mail Address
Purchase Record and Information of Your Old Product We collect such data in order to proceed your trade-up request
2. Special provision on privacy of minors
We would like to remind you that, minors under the age of 16 (or if you are a minor pursuant to the laws and regulations where you reside) are not included as the targeted group of this Program. In case we occasionally collected data related to minors, such data will be deleted immediately. If you find that we have collected data of minors, please feel free to contact us under the contact information listed in Section 5 of this Statement. Upon recipient, we will delete the relevant data in time after we have reviewed and confirmed the collection.
3. How we store and protect your personal data
(1) Storage location and cross-border transfer of personal data
Data collected in this Program will be stored in servers located in Hong Kong, China. However, since the relevant business operation teams who support in this Program are based in our headquarters located in mainland China, your personal data we have collected in this Program will be transferred and stored in mainland China.
You understand and agree that when you click to submit the data, you will be deemed to have fully understood and agree that your personal data will be transferred outside your jurisdiction and stored in China. If you refuse such transfer, you should immediately stop submitting relevant data.
We will take necessary and reasonable data security protection measures when transferring your personal data outside your jurisdiction on the premise of providing appropriate safeguards in accordance with the data security requirements in your jurisdiction. You may contact us through the contact channel disclosed in this Statement to know more about the protection measures related to the international transfer of your personal data.
(2) Period of storing personal data
We will store the data submitted by you for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Statement or required or permitted by the applicable laws and regulations. If the data you provided become unnecessary to achieve the above purpose, we will delete or anonymize the data provided without delay.
(3) Protection for personal data
We undertake to maintain data security to the level as specified by the applicable laws and regulations. In order to keep your data safe, we commit to apply various security technologies and associated management systems to protect your data from being disclosed. We have established our personal data protection department. We have also developed relevant internal policy to strictly control data access procedures and approval mechanisms. We seek to only give employees who may access to your data the least authority and limited data access sufficient for fulfilling their duties.
Please understand that due to the limitation of technologies or potential malicious attacks, personal data security incidents may unfortunately occur due to factors beyond our control. If an incident occurs, we will, in accordance with laws and regulations, immediately notify you of: general facts and potential influences of the incident, measures we have adopted or will adopt, advice for you to protect your data and reduce risks, our remedial measures for you, etc. We will inform you by email, letter, telephone or by pushing notifications. If we cannot contact you individually, we will publish notifications in a reasonable and effective manner. We will also report the result of personal data security incident to regulatory departments if required.
4. How we entrust, share, transfer and disclose your personal data
For the purposes of this Program, below listed the third parties who we may disclose your personal data to, and who can obtain and/or process your personal data. We undertake to prompt such service providers to abide by the applicable laws and process your personal data only for the purposes listed in this Statement.
A. Tineco affiliate
  • Company name, location: Tineco Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. located in mainland China
  • Processing activities: based on the IT infrastructure support and sales&after-sales platform resources maintained by our affiliates, this Tineco affiliate will process the data collected to arrange the authorized service partner to handle your request in a most efficient manner.
  • What type of data is accessed: your contact information, transaction information, product information, records of your customer services and other communication records collected from this Program.
  • How the third party process the data: According to your authorization in this Statement and our instructions.
  • Contacts of third party: https://us.tineco.com/privacy/
B. Authorized third party service providers entrusted might involve the handling of your data necessary to fulfill orders for products or services, deliver packages and sending messages to you for the purposes as described in this Statement. In this condition, we take steps to prohibit the third party from using your data except for the specific purpose for which we supply it to that third party.
5. How we safeguard your rights and interests regarding your personal data
If you need to access, rectify, delete, or restrict or object our processing of any data you have provided, or you want to raise any other requests, please contact our data protection officer at data-privacy@tineco.com or contact us through other methods as disclosed in the homepage of our official website. We will contact you in a timely manner upon the receipt of your message, and promptly respond to your request.
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Sign up to get 10% off
your next purchase
Plus exclusive offers, discounts and breaking
news about our latest product launches.
Sign up to get 10% off
your next purchase
Plus exclusive offers, discounts and breaking
news about our latest product launches.
Sign up to get 10% off
your next purchase
Plus exclusive offers, discounts and breaking
news about our latest product launches.
Sign up to get 10% off
your next purchase
Plus exclusive offers, discounts and breaking
news about our latest product launches.
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