1. Does the A10 come with a soft head brush?
    No, it does not, but A10 master does.
  2. Does it work on carpets?
    Yes, but on the thin,low pile carpet,however it does not the medium or the long carpet.
  3. How wide is the floor head?
    10.5 in/ 26.7 cm
  4. Does the A10 have an air filter
    Yes, it has a sealed air filtration system.
  5. If anyone has actually weighed the vacuum? How much does the A10 weight?
    2.87 lbs/ 1.3 kg
  6. How does the docking station work?
    The docking station can be used to store vacuum components in an easy-to-access location. For example, you can use it when charging the detachable lithium battery.
  7. Does the unit come with a wall mount station?
    Not the wall mount, but the docking station to hold.
  8. Does it pick up large debris like cereals, dog food etc?
    Yeah, works much well
  9. Will it scratch wood or other hard surface floors? And can it be used on carpet too?
    It can work on multi hard surface and will not scratch,can also be used on carpet
  10. Can the A10 be used to clean the inside of my car?
    Yes, though not with the standard brush head attachment. When used with the proper attachments, the A10 is great for cleaning vehicle interiors.
  11. What's the digital motor power capacity?
    The power is good.The output is 110W.
  12. Is it OK to leave the unit plugged into charger after it is fully charged?
  13. Does it get heavy where all the weight is in your hand ?
    Very light to hold. When the brush is turned on high it actually feels good.
  14. Does it stand alone?
  15. Do I need to replace the air filter?
    Yes. We recommend customers replace the filter once a year.

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