1. What is the difference between 11 Hero and 11 Master?
    A11 master has additional Full-size LED soft-roller power brush, Soft dusting brush, Flexible extension hose, Flexible multi-angle tube and Long soft crevice tool compared to A11 hero.
  2. Can I buy additional accessories separately for my A11 ?
    The accessories KIT, the battery and the power brush will be available on Amazon US site on December.
  3. How wide is the floor head?
    10.4 inch/ 26.7 cm.
  4. How much does the A11 weight?
    The main body of A11 weights 3.26 lbs/ 1.48 kg. The weight of accessories varies.
  5. Does it pick up large debris like cereals, dog food etc?
    Yes, it works well.
  6. Can I use A11 to clean the inside of my car?
    Yes, the A11 is great for incar usage with related accessories.
  7. Is it OK to leave the unit plugged into charger after it is fully charged?
    Yes, it is fine. A11 has the battery protection function.
  8. Does the brush scratches or dulls floors?
    No, it doesn't. The brush works great on hard floors without any damage to it. It is also recommended to test an inconspicuous area of a sensitive surface before using an accessory on it.

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