1. Where can I purchase additional accessories or replacement parts?
  2. What's the function of each accessory for A11 Master?
    Full-Size LED Multi-tasker Power Brush: one brush for both carpet and hard floor.
    Full-size LED Soft-roller Power Brush: protects your hard floor and picks up all the fine dust and large debris, the unique tangle-free function help to avoid hair blockage on the roller.
    Mini power brush: for vacuuming upholstered furniture, mattresses etc.
    Crevice tool: for corners, niches and other hard-to-reach places.
    2-in-1 Dusting brush: vacuum hard surface furniture with bristles;remove the bristles to vacuum upholstered furniture, curtain, etc .
    Hair cleaning tool: use the end with small blade to remove the hair and debris wrapped around the roller; use the end with little brush to clean the brush window or the dustbin.
    Rinse-free Pre filter cleaning tool: clean the pre filter without using water, which provides an uninterrupted cleaning experience against filter rinse & dry hassle.
    Long soft crevice tool: suitable for tight spots, for cleaning dust beneath furniture, along side the refrigerator, around radiators or vents, and more.
    Soft dusting brush: suitable for dusting shelves, lighting, delicate surfaces, electronics, and more.
    Flexible multi-angle tube: two articulated joints make it adjustable, move from high to low place with flexibility.
    Flexible extension hose: excellent extension and flexibility to get into hard-to-reach spaces, great for in-car usage.
  3. How do I empty the dustbin?
    Press the release button on the side of the dustbin, empty the contents, then reattach the dustbin.
  4. How do I remove and clean the soft roller?
    Turn off the power and remove the battery, and then locate the lock on the right side of the brush holder. Using a coin or other tool to unlock the brush roller lock and remove the brush roller.
  5. How often does the dustbin need to be emptied?
    Generally, you can empty the the dustbin before it reaches the "MAX" line.
  6. Does the A11 come with a complimentary warranty
    Yes, the A11 comes with a 2-year warranty.
  7. How does the powerhouse work?
    The powerhouse can be used for storing and charging. It starts charging once you put away the main body or the spare battery. You won't forget to charge any more.
  8. Does the A11 comes with a continuous cleaning switch so I don’t have to hold the power button down while cleaning?
    Yes, A11 comes with the switch lock, so you don’t have to hold the power button while cleaning all the time.
  9. Can the battery pack be replaced?
    Yes, A11 equipped with 2 detachable batteries.
  10. Is this vacuum cleaner easy to assemble? Do I need any screw driver to assembly it?
    It's easy to assemble. No tools needed. 
  11. How long should I charge the battery?
    Before the first use, please charge the appliance for 3-4 hours. The A11 has the battery protection function, so it's okay to leave the unit on the powerhouse after it is fully charged.
  12. Does it has the function to avoid static electricity shock?
    Yes! The special design of main body handle can avoid such static electricity shock.
  13. Is the filter replaceable or can it be washed?
    Yes, it's replaceable and can be washed. The included rinse-free pre filter cleaning tool even provides an cleaning experience against filter rinse & dry hassle. The separate filter is also available on Amazon.
  14. How often should I clean the filters?
    We suggest you clean the filters at least once a week with our rinse-free pre filter cleaning tool. It also depends on the actual use condition of the filters.
  15. How do I know when the filters need to be cleaned?
    In case of low suction power, or the indicator light on battery pack blinks pink, please clean the filters.

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