1. What is the input voltage? Can this be charged at 220v?
    The input voltage of charger varies by country and region, and the warranty is based on the assumption of "local purchase and local use". We recommend following the instruction manuals and prints when using the charger.
  2. How long does the vacuum power last when fully charged?
    25 minutes at regular suction. 10.5 minutes for max power suction.
  3. What is the difference between A10 Hero and A10 Master
    Master comes with two batteries and two motorised brushes.
  4. Do I need to replace the pre-filter?
    Yes. We recommend customers replace the filter every half year.
  5. How do I charge my battery pack?
    Wall-mounted dock: Connect the adaptor to docking station and outlet.
    Charge the battery installed on the main body, or charge the battery separately.
    Dual adaptor can charge two battery packs at the same time. Three blue lights blinking successively ist Charging.

    Charging dock: Put away the main body or the battery on the charging dock.
    Charge the main body with battery or charge the battery separately.
    The charging dock is capable to power the main body and the second battery simultaneously. Three blue lights blinking successively ist Charging.
  6. Is it OK to leave the unit plugged into charger after it is fully charged?
    Yes, it is fine. Our vacuum cleaner has overcurrent protection.
  7. What is the suction power rated at?
    The main motor power is rated at 350W. This means that the suction power created when using the floor brush is rated at 105W.
  8. How much does the A10 weight?
    The main body of the A10 weighs 2.87 lbs or 1.3 kg. Depeneding on the attachments that you use on your vacuum, the whole unit can weigh up to 5.13 lbs or 2.33 kg.
  9. How wide is the multi-tasker power brush that comes with the A10?
    The size of the brush that comes with the A10 vacuum is 10.5 inches or 26.7 cm wide.
  10. Will the vacuum scratch wood floors or other hard floor surfaces?
    By using the Full-size LED Multi-tasker Power Brush, the vacuum can be used on multiple types of hard floor surfaces.
  11. Does the A10 have an air filter?
    The A10 has a HEPA filter that traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. This allows the sealed air filtration system to output clean air when vacuuming. Depending on how often the vacuum is used, we recommend cleaning the filter once every 6 months by removing the HEPA filter from the main body and running it under running water. Please make sure that the filter is completely dry before reinstalling back into the vacuum.
  12. Does the vacuum work on carpets?
    The vacuum works on carpets that are low pile carpet. The vacuum's effectiveness is reduced on medium and high pile carpet types. Please see below for examples of each type of carpet.
  13. How do I remove and clean the soft roller?
    You can use a coin or other tool to unlock the brush roller lock, then remove the brush from the brush window. To remove the hair and debris wrapped around the roller you can use Tineco Hair Cleaning Tool.
  14. How do I know when the filters need to be cleaned?
    The filters should be cleaned when you feel that the device has reduced suction or when the indicator light on the battery pack blinks in a pink color.
  15. How often should I wash the pre-filter?
    We suggest you clean the pre-filter at least once a week with our rinse-free pre filter cleaning tool. It also depends on the actual use condition of the filters.

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