1. What is the difference between ifloor and other Brand wash cleaner?
    Tineco ifloor is lithium ion battery floor washer which is just 7.3 pounds and very eash to maneuver. It can clean big articles and also water the same time.
  2. Do you have to vacuum first before using the ifloor?
    No need. Ifloor can vacuum big debris during working.
  3. What kind of floor it can be used?
    Non-carpeted floor such as vinyl, tile, sealed wood floor.
  4. Can this be used for dry vacuuming? Can u just vaccum without using water?
  5. Can you use your own solution?
    We would not recommend.
  6. How noisy is the machine?
  7. How to use self-cleaning mode?
    Place unit on storage tray. The clean water tank should be at least 1/3 full of water. Press and hold the switch button for 3 seconds to start the brush roll self-cleaning mode. The appliance will automatically shut off once finished. The entire self-cleaning process takes about 40 seconds.
  8. How often I need to clean the brushroll?
    We recommend clean the brushroll after each cleaning.
  9. What is the suction power when suck water and debris?
    3.2kPA and 8.6Airwatt.
  10. How long it can work for full charged?
    22mins(Lithium-ion 22.2V 2500mAh).
  11. How long it needs to be full charged?
  12. What is the input of the charger? Can we use other brand charger with same input?
    100~240V, 800mA.
  13. What is the CWT and DWT capactiy?
  14. What is the solution ratio for cleaning?
    1:50, you can use the solution cap, one cap of solution for full tank of water.
  15. What is the suitable water temperature for cleaning?
    41°F~140°F (5℃~60℃). Notice not use hot water.

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