1. How to store ifloor?
    We have a storage tray. We suggest to put ifloor on the storage tray.
  2. Can you adjust the flow of liquid coming out?
    Yes, normally the flow rate is 40ml/min, if you want higher flow, the SPOT button flow is 220ml/min.
  3. What is the flow rate?
  4. What are the spot button functions?
    It helps to remove tough spots and stains with higher speed and stronger spray.
  5. Does the cleaning solution has odor?
    No but it can move odor and sanitize your floor.
  6. How does this unit do dog hair?
    The unique brush roll can help to move dog hair and suck back to the dirt water tank.
  7. Does dog hair get wrapped around roller?
    Normally not because the roller diameter size is big enough so it can avoid such occasion.
  8. Do you have to use distilled water?
    No need, just tap water is fine.
  9. Can use bleach for floors in machine?
    We would not recommend using bleach in this machine as it could damage the cleaner.
  10. Weight of product/ carton box?
    7.3lbs/ 15.4pounds.
  11. Warranty?
  12. Brushroll speed?
  13. What should I know when using iFloor for the first time?
    1. iFloor is not designed for carpet cleaning works;
    2. Use on a rough surface may not get the best performance
    3. It takes about 5 mins to dry the floor in normal mode/8 mins in Spot mode, depending on cleaning environment.
    4. It takes about 10 seconds to water the floor when it's the first time using iFloor.

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