Device won't pick up

  1. Note:

    When turn on the device, if the dust sensor can not detect the dust, the device will keep in Min suction. Please swipe in the App to adjust suction power as needed.

  2. Step 1 Check the dustbin/filters

    1. Clean up the dust cup including the dust sensor and filters

    2. Check and esnure the gaskets of mesh filter and dustcup lid are in place. 

    3. Remove any blockages from the dustbin inlet. Clean up the dust sensor.

  3. Check the power brush/tube

    1. Remove any blockages from the power brush connector and the tube.

    2. Release the brush roll from the brush, clean the brush chamber and the dirt channel.

    3. Clean up the brushroll. 

  4. Check the main body

    1. Remove any blockages from the motor inlet, then cool down to retart.

    2. Remove any blockages from the motor outlet, clean the HEPA filter.

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