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【Tineco’s Black Friday 2023】House Cleaning Tips For Big Families and Pet Owners

11/24/23 by Tineco Lifestyle Contributor


maintaing a tidy home with families and pets


Maintaining a tidy home can be challenging for large families and pet owners, with common issues like chaotic kitchens, cluttered living rooms, and pet hair. If you struggle to clean a large house, you're not alone. We've gathered useful cleaning tips for those with big families and pets.


More people in a household doesn't necessarily simplify cleaning. Large families often mean larger spaces to maintain, and adding pets to the mix increases the challenge. It's important to establish a regular, reasonable cleaning schedule that suits all family members.


Lighten your cleaning load with reliable home cleaning devices such as vacuums, floor washers, and carpet cleaners from Tineco. Our goal is to make your life easier, allowing more quality time with your family and pets.


With Black Friday approaching, we're offering significant discounts from November 17 to November 27, 2023, on our top products.



tineco floor one S7 pro smart floor washer

This user-friendly device features an LCD screen and robust functionalities, making it accessible for anyone to use. Equipped with Tineco's proprietary technologies such as MHCBS™ Technology, iLoop™ Smart Sensor, and SmoothPower, the Floor One S7 Pro also boasts centrifugal air drying, convenient storage, and four operating modes. These features ensure versatile and efficient cleaning for various floor scenarios, enhancing the ease and effectiveness of your floor maintenance routine.




tineco carpet one pro smart carpet cleaner


Many homes opt for carpeted floors for insulation and comfort, but with kids and pets, spills, messes, and pet hair are inevitable. Thankfully, carpet cleaners like the TINECO CARPET ONE PRO make maintenance easier.


The TINECO CARPET ONE series, our premium carpet cleaner, effectively revitalizes carpets, leaving them looking fresh and new after cleaning. It features our patented technologies for efficiency: Powerful Suction, HeatedWash™, iLoop™ Smart Sensor, DrynessMeter, and PowerDry. This combination of advanced features ensures thorough cleaning and ease of use, making it an ideal solution for busy households with carpeted floors.


Experience the power of PowerDry technology, which speeds up the drying process and leave them dry in no time. CARPET ONE  PRO uses hot air to quickly dry your washed carpets, allowing you to get back to your normal life faster.




smart self-cleaning vacuum cleaner pure one station furfree


Pet hair is probably your number one concern of most pet owners. It clings to every surface of the house and having the appropriate vacuum cleaner makes it easier. The Tineco Pure One Station FurFree is our cutting-edge solution for all your pet hair woes!


Pure One Station FurFree is your all-in-one cleaning station that efficiently clears particles to remove pet hairs and dog food with ease. Besides, this vacuum does all the brush cleaning for you! Its OmniHub feature auto-activates self-cleaning, storing, charging, and detection that adjusts based on your dustbin levels once you dock your vacuum.


Furthermore, this device features our proprietary technologies, including the ZeroTangle™ Brush, iLoop™ Smart Sensor, and PureCyclone Tech. It also comes with a FurFree Kit featuring attachments designed to gently brush your pets' hair and vacuum it simultaneously, making it the perfect choice for pet-friendly homes.


READ MORE: Tineco Pure One Station: Self-Cleaning Vacuum fro Pet-Friendly Homes



10 House Cleaning Tips for Big Families and Pet Owners

Implementing a cleaning schedule with defined responsibilities is a beneficial way to clean your home. With these tips, you can divide the tasks among your family members so you can enjoy a clean, tidy and self-sustaining home.


Tip #1: Prioritize cleaning tasks using a chore chart

Start by listing cleaning tasks and assigning them to family members, ensuring tasks are age-appropriate for kids. Use a chore chart and motivate them with snacks.


Check out this helpful and printable Room-By-Room Cleaning Checklist we made to get started!


Tip #2: Create a Routine and Schedule (like a cleaning day)

Creating a routine and scheduled cleaning day makes it more convenient for everyone to work together. It's also a great way to bond with your family when everyone is doing chores together.


Tip #3: Utilize Storage Bins

Keep your things organized and use labeled storage bins to keep toys and belongings of family members to minimize. Storage boxes are also good for pet toys and accessories for your furry buddies.


Tip #4: Keep Cleaning Simple

Don't make your cleaning schedule and tasks complicated. Use safe and natural products for your cleaning days. Tackle simple messes for the regular days and set aside deep cleaning tasks on a different day where you can work on it.


Tip #5: Invest in Quality Cleaning Devices

Having reliable cleaning devices takes away the difficulties of cleaning. Ease your cleaning process with reliable devices like vacuums, floor washers, and carpet cleaners from Tineco. Make sure you're using the specialized cleaning devices to reduce time and effort tidying up your home.


Tip #6: Set up a Cleaning Station

Set aside a space for your cleaning station where your cleaning materials and devices are easily accessible, just in case you need a quick sweep. If you have a utility closet, install some racks and hooks to store your cleaning materials.


Tip #7: Brush and bathe your furry friends regularly

Eliminating pet hair and messes is one thing, and keeping your pets clean and groomed is another. Prevent clutter and make sure your pets are bathed and groomed properly. It keeps them healthy and odorless too.


Tip #8: Let in fresh air

Proper ventilation is needed in your home, especially when you have pets. Pet hair can easily carry allergens that might affect your health, so keep your place well-ventilated. Plus, the proper airflow also maintains the humidity and temperature at home.


Tip #9: Use Trays Under Pet Bowls

Place trays under pet bowls to minimize spills and messes during meal times. A little change saves you the hassle of cleaning up after your pet as they eat their meals.


Tip #10: Wash pet beds and toys regularly

Pet hair and odors easily stick to beds and rugs, which can contain bacteria, viruses, and parasites. So regularly cleaning their beds and disinfecting their toys reduces health-related risks with your pets.


Wrapping It Up


Tineco is the perfect cleaning partner to efficiently finish your chores with our smart home cleaning devices. Our dependable smart cleaning equipment can assist you in cleaning different sections of your home, hard-to-reach regions, and obstinate problems tol save you energy and time.



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